Why is Everyone Talking About Bamboo Straws ?

What is a bamboo drinking straw, and why would you require it? 
Let’s start with the straw part. 
Straws may seem like a modern invention, but in truth, they’re not.
Archaeologist finds show ‘drinking tubes’ that date back as long as 3000BC, made of precious metals like gold. Can you imagine carrying around a straw made of gold nowadays? 
Plastic straws, on the other hand, they are a little more recent. In the 1960s, the plastic straw industry took off. Cheap, throwaway and simple to make; the single-use plastic straw became a permanent fixture in bars, restaurants and kid’s birthday parties all over the world! 
But here in lies the dilemma: PLASTIC. In particular the non-recyclable single-use, plastic.
Which is exactly what a straw is; you use it once and toss it in the trash. Because of its small size, you can’t recycle a straw. Which means it finishes up in the landfills, waterways, and the ocean.


Did you know?
Plastic is cheap and easy to make, meaning for many products it can be useful, but it must be used sensibly.

According to data collected via the Ocean Conservancy’s TIDES (trash information and data for education and solutions), straws/stirrers are the 4th most found ocean trash item.


Enter Bamboo

Bamboo is a biodegradable and sustainable plant. It is grown without the demand of pesticides or chemicals thanks to the unique and inherent anti-fungal properties within it.

It may appear to be like a tree, but in truth, it’s a resilient, fast-growing native grass. 

The best part about Bamboo? It’s 100% organic meaning once disposed of it will return to mother earth by breaking down naturally and leaving no trace. 


Bamboo is super versatile and can be accustomed to make a mixture of different objects. For example, surfboards, phone cases, toothbrushes, fences and…you guessed it, straws.  

When it comes to phasing out toxic  plastic straws, the suggestion here is, you would instead purchase and keep your own eco-friendly bamboo straw.Wrap your head around this; 20 mins use of a plastic straw = 200 years in landfill.

What About Paper and Metal Straws?

Let’s look at the alternative two popular picks - metal straws and paper straws.

Metal straws: they are sleek and share a number of the same assets that bamboo straws do, but when you unintentionally bite your metal straw whilst drawing a sip (more common than you may expect) it hurts your teeth! Ouch. 

Bamboo, on the other hand, has a much more natural and pliable texture. Not to mention it doesn’t conduct heat like metal so won’t burn your mouth! 

Paper straws: everybody loves those bright striped party straws, right? 

This might be an appropriate moment to point out, plastic straws came about by and large because paper straws presented issues.Things like they become soggy pretty quick once immersed in liquid.

Have you ever tried to drink a Frappuccino with a paper straw? Not fun. 

Furthermore, recycling paper straws is complicated, and without doubt they finish up in a landfill. 

Bamboo Straws are All Natural and Good Looking Too!


Bamboo reusable straws look lovely when popped into a beverage of your choice. 

They have a fresh, modern organic look–which is very appropriate considering that is exactly what they are, organic! 

You can use your bamboo drinking straw in a hot or cold drink. Plus, they are sturdy (did you know that bamboo is stronger than steel?) and easy to carry around in your purse or bag. 

No need to worry about a peeling, moist, disintegrating paper straw next time you’re purchasing an iced beverage at the local coffee shop. 

Final Thoughts - Bamboo RESUABLE Straws

Switching from single-use plastic throwaway straws to Bamboo reusable ones just makes sense. It makes sense to the environment, to the ocean, to landfill and for the sea creatures who deserve better than ingesting or having a straw stuck in their nose.

It’s been said that straws are pointless and should be eliminated from our society altogether. On the surface, this rings true. But look a little deeper and you will discover just how necessary a straw can be. 

Foremost, there are people in hospitals all around the world that cannot easily put a drink to their lips. For them, having a straw is a lifesaver. Not to mention people with a disability or anyone with shaky hands! 

On a lighter note, many drinks we all love are just no fun to drink without a straw. Pina Coladas come to mind, frothy milkshakes or even a banana smoothie. 

Plastic straws may not be able to be recycled, but we can replace them with reusable ones. True, it will not solve the world’s plastic problem, but what it will do is take one small step toward where our planet needs to go.

Just maybe steps like these will make us become better humans, less wasteful and more mindful of the environment that feeds and maintains us. And that can only be a wonderful thing. 


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