The Earthy Cup


Our cups are not totally ready to be launched yet, but don't worry, it is coming! We are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign to finally bring these beauties to market. The best part is that you will be able to purchase our beautiful cups with a discount while helping us bring this project to life! 

This is the heart of our work, the reason why The Earthy Cup was born!

It started with a passion for coffee and an interest in everything Earth-friendly.

After looking for a single-use cup alternative, we were not satisfied with what was on the market. With many concerns in head, like good taste ,keeping odours away, 100% leak proof AND eco-friendly, we came up with our own reusable cup!


  • The Earthy Cup is made out of double wall, insulated borosilicate glass. It is shock resistant and supports high temperature changes. 
  • Its glass cup is not porous and doesn't retain any weird tastes or bad smell.
  • The double wall allows it to keep the temperature for longer and prevents any burns.
  • The lid is made out of natural fibers and is compostable, therefore leaving no trace of microplastics or harsh chemicals behind.
  • Its cork sleeve is also 100% compostable.
  • The whole cup is leak proof.
  • PLUS it is super good looking!

They will first be available in three different colors and two sizes : 250ml and 350ml.


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